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May 16

Ankle & Foot of Edmonds

1-25% of the population lives with bunions. Given how painful bunions can be, we get quite a few bunion questions here at Ankle and Foot of Edmonds. read more

May 02

Ankle & Foot of Edmonds

There are many causes of dry feet. Some reasons—like medication side effects or accumulated pressure—are benign. Other reasons—including skin conditions and illness—are more serious. read more

Apr 18

Ankle & Foot of Edmonds

Sports are hard on your feet. Whether it's running or jumping, swimming or climbing, odds are that your feet are taking the brunt of the pain. To avoid getting sidelined, check out our top 5 sports-related foot injuries to watch out for. read more

Apr 04

Ankle & Foot of Edmonds

Excessive sweating of the feet (which contain about 250,000 sweat glands per pair) is called plantar hyperhidrosis. So, why does it occur? Here we list out 4 reasons. read more

Mar 21

Ankle & Foot of Edmonds

When you stub your toe, you know exactly what happened to cause the pain. But what happens when you begin experiencing pain across numerous toes for a mysterious reason that refuses to reveal itself? Toe and foot pain can be caused by a multitude of reasons—which is why you should seek medical attention if an unexpected pain persists for more than a day or two. One of these reasons could include arthritis. read more


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