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Jun 20

APMA Staff

Does it matter what kind of shoe children wear? It's not like your kids are training for a marathon or competing in the Olympics, right? Any old pair should do. Wrong. The incorrect pair of shoes can cause lasting damage to your child's feet. Here are our top tips for picking the best footwear for your child. read more

Jun 06

APMA Staff

Industrious hikers have already grabbed their wide-brimmed hats and begun to lather on the sunscreen. But what can a person do to protect their feet? Is it as easy as picking out a pair of comfortable hiking boots and hitting the trail? Employ these safety techniques to ensure that each little piggy remains comfy and safe. read more

May 23

APMA Staff

We all know that feet are important. But do you know what each part of the foot does? Why do we have heels? Does the pinky toe serve a purpose? Why is the big toe so big? In this blog, we've answered these questions and more. read more

May 10

APMA Staff

You don't have to be a scientist to understand foot strike techniques. Here are a few of the things we tell our patients about proper foot strike techniques, especially those looking to run in marathons or other competitions. read more

Apr 19

APMA Staff

Your muscle is throbbing and it won't stop; should you call 911? Your calf pain could have one of several causes. Each type of injury presents itself similarly, but there are important differences. All of them will affect your feet in one way or another. read more


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